OMQ Fellowships

The OMQ offers cash fellowships for exceptional first-year graduate students. Award amounts range from $4,000-$8,000 and are disbursed during students the first term at the University of Oregon. 

All applicants to the Department of Physics and to the Physical Chemistry Program of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are eligible. 

Recipients are nominated by the admissions committees of the respective departments and awarded by the OMQ Leadership Committee.

Fellowships available:

OMQ Director's Fellowship - $4,000-$6,000

    Eligibility: All applicants

O'Leary Memorial Fellowship - $4,000-$8,000

    Eligibility: Applicants with a demonstrated interest in increasing diversity in the physical sciences.


EMANUEL Optical, Molecular, and Quantum Sciences Scholarship

Purpose: to support graduate students studying optical, molecular, and quantum science under OMQ faculty direction, in ways not provided normally by other avenues of support. Goals: to increase and accelerate scientific success and professional development of all qualified students; and increase diversity of students, including those from outside the U.S. Means: Provide support for students to engage in the following activities:


1.    visiting undergraduate colleges for recruiting students to the UO graduate programs

2.    attending a summer school in relevant topics

3.    attending a conference focusing on diversity in the sciences and higher education

4.    traveling to home country for visa renewal purposes

5.    participating as a mentor in UO undergraduate mentorship programs for increasing underrepresented participation in UO science programs (e.g., North Star)

6.    other activities to be determined by OMQ in coordination with UO.


7. writing and/or defending PhD thesis during penultimate or final enrolled term.

Type C: 

8. attending the annual OMQ symposium (for incoming first-year graduate students)

Application Process

Emanuel Scholarship Application Instructions

Selection process: 
Awardees of the Emanuel Scholarships for Type C will be granted to incoming first-year graduate students in good standing. Candidates will be nominated by the OMQ director and approved by the current Vice-President for Research and Innovation (VPRI). For the Emanuel Scholarships Types A and B, awardees will be selected by the OMQ Committee on Emanuel Scholarships based upon the selection criteria below. OMQ Committee on Emanuel Scholarships: This committee is comprised of three faculty members, at least one each from the physics and chemistry departments and the current Vice-President for Research and Innovation (VPRI).

The 2021-2022 committee (in alphabetical order): Andy Marcus, Julia Widom, David Wineland,  
Chair ex officio: Cassandra Moseley, VPRI

Selection Criteria for awarding Emanuel Scholarships

1st. Academic merit of the individual student  
2nd. Merit of the proposed activity in relation to the student’s goals and program’s Purpose and Goals 

Applications as described for the Type A and B Emanuel Scholarships should be submitted to the OMQ Staff, including a reference from their research supervisor, and will be evaluated by the OMQ Committee on Emanuel Scholarships based upon the selection criteria.