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Printer/Copier Access

Please complete the access request form above and you will be provided with instructions for setting up the OMQ copier.

IT Support

OMQ does not have local IT support. Assistance for UO owned computers and other IT equipment can be requested using the self-service portal. Students needing assistance with personall computers can request help here or visit one of the help desks. The closest help desk to the OMQ is in 124 Lawrence Hall inside the LaVerne Krause Gallery.

Poster Printing

We strongly recommend printing your poster several days in advance of when you will need it. Large format printing is handled through the AAA Output room in Lawrence Hall. The Output room is always busier on Fridays and extremely busy near the end of the term. Please keep in mind that AAA students have project reviews in week 10 of each term and are given priority for printing. Ouput room hours vary depending on the time of years. Current hours are always posted here.

Need to print a poster? Here's what you will need:

  1. A poster file in PDF/X format. More info on how to do that here. <>
  2. Send Jorjie the following information:
    1. Index you wish to use
    2. Dimensions of your job
    3. If you want to use any special printing media. <>
  3. Upload your file to the correct College of Design printer folder. Instructions here:
  4. Come pick up the departmental copy card in the OMQ offices (keep in mind a bunch of other people will be borrowing the card as well).
  5. Take the copy card to the Output Room (280 Lawrence Hall).
  6. Tell the staff there to release the job and pay for the printing costs.
  7.  ~20 minutes later go pick up your poster!

Display Adapters & Computer Accessories

The OMQ does not loan IT equipment or accessories. The conference room is equiped with TV (HDMI connections), a web cam on a tripod, microphone.

Equipment can be checked out from the science library.

We encourage individuals (particularly mac users) to secure their own adapters. Many labs keep a supply of these items for use by members.